Onslaught Stream Team


Chris Covent is the man. Like for real - he is the original Onslaught streamer, is an accomplished Halo player and one of the finest brand ambassadors you will ever meet. Whether he is representing Onslaught or his other passions - ANYTHING from the state of Michigan, Halo, craft beers, video games in general - Covent does so with conviction, enthusiasm, and an awesome sense of humor. A partnered Mixer.com streamer Covent wins over audiences with his quick wit, dance moves, and ability to rage with the best of them. Subscribe to Covent today!


LtVictory first got involved in gaming after learning the ropes from his cousin, playing and practicing Super Smash Bros, Zelda, and other N64 games. A current full-time streamer on Twitch who focuses on providing the highest entertainment value and quality possible, LtVictory has experience as a real life Helicopter Pilot, EMT, and formerly owned his own restaurant where he could showcase his culinary talents. You can follow Victor on Instagram, and make sure to check out his daily stream sessions and YouTube for epic gameplay!


Gwump may look grumpy from time to time, but she's actually the nicest Colombian/Argentinian you'll ever meet. A Nintendo addict, Gwump streams mainly Nintendo/DS games (in both Japanese and English) and tosses in PC games on the side. When she is not streaming, Gwump enjoys practicing her Japanese, collecting designer art toys, and hanging out at Nintendo NYC - making new friends and streaming old school games is where it's at for her! You can find Gwump streaming on Twitch and chatting on Twitter - expect a bunch of silliness, inside jokes with viewers, and lots of interaction with her chat (affectionately nicknamed the GwumpBoiz) today!

Sean Bartley

Sean Bartley has been a Twitch content creator for the past year and a half. Destiny is his home, and will always be his home - the MMO elements mixed with the intense FPS PVP action sparked a love of Destiny for Sean that is everlasting. Sean has become a well-known figure in the Destiny community with humorous, entertaining (and often horrible decision-making) gameplay which you can catch on Twitch.tv. When not grinding Destiny, Sean can be found playing Overwatch, Titanfall, and The Division, and also DJs in his spare time - including a stint as the house DJ for the inaugural Guardian Con convention in Tampa, FL. Streaming is a huge part of Sean's life - so much so that Sean actually met his fiance during a streamer spotlight on Twitch. With Destiny 2 lingering on the horizon, and a lot of amazing content to come, come hang out with Sean as he explores the world of Destiny...and gets killed a lot.


Stephanie "Phlog" Labelle is a recovering Canadian Overwatch addict. When she's not failing at clicking heads in CS:GO, starving herself in Minecraft, or cowering from cannibals in The Forest, she can be found lurking in friendly streams spreading positivity to the Beam community. Her unusual dietary habits consist of 70% Tim Hortons coffee, 20% poutine, and 10% streaming. She is passionate about leveling up her broadcasting abilities to provide a better viewing experience for her "PhlogFam" over on Mixer.com, make sure to stop by and say hi today!


johnfreakinpage is a Youtuber and Variety Twitch Streamer who enjoys playing anything and everything under the sun. However, he is well known for his game days with his subscriber base "The Salty Spittoon" and his hilarious Thursday night WWE 2K17 streams known as "Smart Way Out". As he streams, he aims to promote a positive and chill atmosphere in his community and hopes to just make you laugh. Check out his Twitch page or his awesome YouTube videos and consider subscribing today!


Variety streamer Britni is the definition of fun. Whether she is dancing to funky fresh tunes or laughing at her own jokes, she will never fail to put a smile on your face. She streams a variety of games from the modern FPS to the old school platforms. One of the top Mixer Partnered streamers, #Litni is taking the hearts of many while slayin' out and bringing home those chicken dinners. Don't be shy, she loves playing games with friends just as much as making new ones. You can find Britni streaming the late night shift 10p - 3a PST over on Mixer.com/Britni - be sure to subscribe today!

Brady Lamb

Brady is a man of many talents. A nerd to the extreme (he builds custom computers, works for RSM as a certified badass infrastructure consultant, and games on the reg) and a sportsaholic, Brady also enjoys working out. A lot. A former D1 hoops player until a series of dislocated ankles, a perfect day for Brady is 18-holes of golf and hitting up a bball game. Brady is a big fan of workout gains, and talks about his physical fitness on stream to help motivate him to continue. Brady is also a former champion Halo player, winning a 5k tournament in high school and multiple 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments in both Halo, COD, and Madden. Check out the bro-tank streaming action on Mixer.com today!


MLGShad0w (given birth name, we swear) is a Hotlanta boy still calling Georgia home. A baseball player growing up and a pitcher in college, Kevin has been gaming only since 2012. An FPS fan and competitive Call of Duty player, MLGShad0w also enjoys Halo, Destiny, and stepping outside the genre a little with Heroes of the Storm. Cutting his teeth during Halo: Reach and Black Ops 2, MLGShad0w counts competing at COD in front of hundreds of spectators at UMG South Carolina as one of his coolest gaming moments. You can find MLGShad0w streaming what he loves best over on Twitch, check him out!


Court(ney) is obessed with Harry Potter and her dog, Luna. Self-described as "obnoxiously upbeat and happy", Court parlays her infectious laughter and sunshine disposition into getting backpacked by her more talented gaming friends in whatever console games they are playing. When not playing or working, Court also helps run the Onslaught Instagram account and serves as a spunky brand ambassador for the Orange and Blue. Check out Court on Twitch and Instagram today!


Undeadmerlin is a crazy accomplished gamer. Like CRAZY accomplished. A 5x Legend Hearthstone player with 4000 ranked wins, a Rank 10 PvP WoW player, and a freaking 13/13 Mythic Raiding Mage, Undeadmerlin was also a member of one of only 23 US guilds to compete in the Naxx 40 man. An avid outdoor enthusiast and fly fisherman, Undeadmerlin started gaming as a wee lad and competed in local Pokemon, Magic, and YugiOh tournaments. One of the rare souls to have earned gaming accolades such as the 2400 3v3 achievement, The Immortal Title from Wrath of the Lich King, and Cutting Edge: The Black Gate achievement, Undeadmerlin milks his families 1100 dairy cows and raids for Smitus and Friends, a Top-50 US guild in his off time.


Jaron "jrswab" Swab is a born and raised Pennslyvania native, husband to a beautiful wife, devoted born again follower of Jesus Christ, and owner of a legitimately crazy cat. A former Eagle Scout with a keen interest in computer technology and website design, jrswab holds a Bachelors degree and a special place in his heart for concert band, choir, and performing in high school musicals. An avid web developer, jrswab has been basically everywhere on the Internet - Geocities, Xanga blogs, (even MySpace lol!) and currently owns and manages several other websites - including his main site to help people become better bloggers. A recently convert to the Mixer.com streaming platform, check out jrswab today and meet one of the nicest, most helpful guys around!


KickedTripod is a baller Podcaster, Livestreamer, Red Bull addict, and hoodie activist. A full-time content creator and author and host of the Hearthstone "Well Met!" (wellmet.blizzpro.com) and Overwatch "The Payload" (payload.blizzpro.com) podcasts John aka KickedTripod also livestreams on the reg on his Twitch channel. With a love for gaming that began with the original Halo and blossomed into full-on MP domination during Halo 2, KickedTripod is known for his outspoken (and sometimes crazy) personality on stream - laughs guaranteed. Cool fact - KickedTripod has moderated podcasting panels at TwitchCon 2016 and BlizzCon 2015 & 2016. Be sure to drop a follow to KP on his Twitter, Twitch account, or check out his website over at KickedTripod.com!


28-year old Ryan "LuckyShots" Hudson is a former competitive Halo player and current partnered streamer on Mixer.com, formerly Beam. A New Mexico resident, Ryan enjoys many different types of games (he's a variety streamer in fact) but his favorites by far are shooters. Outside of gaming and producing awesome live content for his viewers, LuckyShots craves any kind of competition, loves action movies, and digs road trips. Follow and sub to Ryan on Mixer.com today!


Halios streams variety like a boss. In addition to playing competitive titles such as CS:GO, HoTS, Overwatch, and Hearthstone, Halios also has scheduled fun nights such as "Jackbox Thursdays", "Fright Night Fridays" with horror/scary/survival games, and "Indie Saturdays" where tons of indie titles are played and reviewed. Halios is also a thespian with a love of song. An accomplished streamer and Mixer.com Partner, Halios is a long-time member and valuable asset to the Onslaught Stream Team. Check out "Hal's Tavern" and subscribe today!