Rainbow Six: Season 3 Pro League

POSTED BY POBrien August 14, 2016 in Rainbow Six
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With Season 2 of the ESL Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League officially wrapped up, all eyes turned towards the Season 3 online qualifiers to see who would be joining the 8 official professional console teams in North America. The format was simple – 3 online qualifiers featuring some of the best teams remaining in the world, 2 automatic berths into the Pro League for the 1st and 2nd overall finishers, and the 3rd and 4th place finishers joining the rest of the bottom half of Pro League for Relegation. Onslaught’s goal was straight-forward – eliminate all guesswork and potential for upset in the Relegation event by securing one of the top-2 spots.

After enduring last minute roster changes of two players and some growing pains associated with the switch, Onslaught entered the 1st qualifier as a favored but somewhat unproven team. The newly revamped roster however wasted no time in dispatching foe after foe, ultimately getting matched up with a determined Vanquish squad in the semifinals. After dropping quickly into a 1-4 round hole, the boys on Onslaught rallied to take down Vanquish with a stunning reverse sweep before ultimately knocking off No Limit (later picked up by Empyreal) in the finals to capture the first OQ crown and a critical 100 points, topping the leaderboards after week one.

proleagueoq1 copy

Pro League Qualifier 1 Bracket Results

Fast forward another week, and the second of the three total qualifiers presented Onslaught with a chance to potentially mathematically guarantee an overall 1st or 2nd place place finish and an automatic berth into the Pro League for Season 3. With expectations high, Onslaught had a tough bracket draw, getting a R16 match up with Mutiny and then a Semi Finals rematch with Empyreal. Maintaining composure and determined to seal the deal and punch their ticket to Season 3, the team again took down all challengers in route to capturing their second straight OQ title and mathematically locking up a top-2 finish overall with a win over Code-Red in the finals.

“I’m very excited for this season, it’s time to show the world what Onslaught is made of. We haven’t come this far and trained this hard just to settle with second. We are coming for LAN.” – Alex “Low” Lowery


proleagueoq2 copy

Pro League Qualifier 2 Bracket Results


With the 3rd and final qualifier being unnecessary from a points standpoint, the squad decided to still play in the event to remain sharp heading into the Pro League. Playing the role of spoilers, Onslaught took down team Anxiety in the Quarterfinals to potentially deny them a shot at the Relegation tournament before getting knocked out in Semi Finals by 1nFamy, ultimately taking 3rd place with a consolation round win over Mutiny. Onslaught player Dylan “Bosco” Bosco, when asked about his mentality heading into the final OQ displayed the professional mindset that he hopes will help carry them far during Season 3.

“Very eager to show everyone just what we’re made of and to prove a lot of people wrong. Qualifiers was only our first display of dominance. We’re ready for the league.” – Dylan “Bosco” Bosco

proleagueoq3 copy

Pro League Qualifier 3 Bracket Results


The excitement of making the Pro League for is matched only by their determination to continue their recent success and make the LAN finals, proving they belong in the conversation as one of the best teams in the world.

“After everything we have been through as a team, making Pro League this season is a huge statement. I’m super excited to represent our new family in Onslaught as we continue to gun straight for that #1 spot.” – Cody “Animaul” Cocco

Congratulations to the other remaining teams who have qualified for Pro League and the Relegation tournament, and please join us in congratulating the entire team of Cody “Animaul” Cocco, Alex “Low” Lowery, Dylan “Bosco” Bosco, Justin “Godlike” Talarchek, and Kyle “Riddle” Evans today for their awesome individual accomplishment of becoming Professional Rainbow Six: Siege players and helping to continue to cement Onslaught eSports as one of the top professional organizations in North America!