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POSTED BY POBrien November 22, 2016 in Rainbow Six
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Onslaught’s Rainbow Six:Siege team traveled to Katowice, Poland for the World Finals of Season 3 of the ESL Pro League November 12-13th, capping off an incredible season that began months earlier playing in online qualifiers just to make it to the Pro League. A dark horse pick to make it to LAN finals at the beginning of Season 3 of the Pro League, Onslaught arrived in Poland to face off against the top European team from Season 3, Supremacy.

A quick 5:2 map 1 win had Onslaught and fans salivating at the possibility of securing a finals berth, but Supremacy regained it’s composure and ultimately took control of momentum with a 5:0 map 2 win, setting up a showdown on the final map “Bank” for the series. Supremacy jumped out to a quick 3:0 lead on Bank before giving 2 rounds back, eventually winning the map 5:2 and advancing to face the winner of the Excellence vs. Vitality match.

Despite the disappointment of not making the finals match up, the Onslaught team was appreciative of the opportunity to travel to Poland, and the behind-the-scenes access to see how ESL runs the Pro League and what was in store for Season 4.

We’ve interviewed all 5 players from Onslaught about their trip, asking each the following questions to give you all an in-depth view into the experience of traveling to another country to play for a championship, what to expect for Season 4 and Operation Red Crow, and how to follow in their footsteps to earn a berth in the Pro League yourself.


Question: What was your favorite part of Season 3 World Finals?

riddlethumbKyle “Riddle” Evans: “My favorite part was probably getting to explore another country and have an opportunity to become a word champion in something I really enjoy doing.”

animualthumbCody “Animaul” Cocco: “Meeting all the other teams and the production team that is behind Rainbow 6 was incredible. Exchanging ideas with the other players and analysts was really cool. This game is ever changing and no two strats are exactly the same, being able to nerd out and discuss that with other people that knowledgeable of the game was definitely my favorite part.”

boscothumbDylan “Bosco” Bosco: “Favorite part was getting to meet and hang out with all of the other pro players. Had some real good times over there with everyone.”


Question: What is your advice to amateur Rainbow 6 players looking to make it to the Pro League and even possibly World Finals for Season 4?

boscothumbDylan “Bosco” Bosco: “My advice is to just pick you your controller and play. Play everyday if you want to be among the best, play ranked, get your name out there and get active in the competitive community. You will be noticed and invited to better teams. That is how I started, before S3 all I did was play ranked with friends until an opportunity came my way. Anyone can do the same.”

easilythumbKevin “Easily” Skokowski: “To all the amateur teams, don’t quit when you lose scrims to pros. If you aren’t struggling in your grind you are grinding hard enough.”

animualthumbCody “Animaul” Cocco: “Work your butt off! It pays off. No one likes going into a map for hours and hours at a time to come up with fresh strategies, but the time you put into it directly rolls over. Also, to get your shot hot, two words, TERRORIST HUNT. It may seem like it’s not doing much at the moment, but all the top players spend tons of time in annihilating those bots!”


Question: Are you looking forward to the new Operation Red Crow RB6 expansion?

riddlethumbKyle “Riddle” Evans: “Definitely looking forwards to Operation Red Crow for the simple fact we get new ops and a new map and the current meta always changes with they release new content.”

animualthumbCody “Animaul” Cocco: “Absolutely! I think the addition of the new characters and new maps are a breath of fresh air. Definitely breaks the META in terms of the standard style of play. I can’t wait for competitive play under this expansion.”

easilythumbKevin “Easily” Skokowski: “I think the new operators are really interesting and will be the most game changing operators introduced so far. Definitely looking forward to see how they play out!”


Question: Describe Season 3 of the Rainbow Six Pro League in 3 words.

riddlethumbKyle “Riddle” Evans: “It was amazing.”

easilythumbKevin “Easily” Skokowski: “Grind. Struggle. Reward.”

lowthumbAlex “Low” Lowery: “Helluva ride boys!”

Rainbow Six World Finals Photo Gallery (all photos courtesy and credit of ESL)


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