Console Wars Spring 2018: Onslaught Paladins

POSTED BY POBrien May 10, 2018 in Paladins
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Following on the heels of stepping into the Paladins Global Series arena on PC, we were thrilled to further expand our footprint in the Paladins scene by acquiring the top-ranked PS4 console team in North America formerly known as team “Ihavenohair” – an interesting team name if we’ve ever seen one. Making this announcement even more special is the fact that the new Onslaught was invited to represent all of North America at the 2018 Console Wars LAN on May 12-13 in Atlanta, GA as the PS4 representative for the region.

The Console Wars LAN pits the two best console teams (one Xbox and one PS4) from North America versus their two best counterparts from the EU side. For the spring LAN, this will feature Onslaught, Vexed Gaming, Flashpoint and Fable who will all duke it out to determine who brings home the lions share of the $50,000 prize pool.

“A big pattern of repeated failures is due to people not listening and assigning blame. This team has done a great job of maturing, fixing what has not worked, and been coach-able by accepting constructive criticism…I think this team is going to do great.” – Drew “Swarmso” Tallent, Onslaught Coach

Onslaught players are excited to showcase their talent, teamwork and flair for the dramatic on the world stage. After cruising to victory throughout qualifiers and dominating in the most recent Phase finals leading up to the event, the team is ready to face the best competition Paladins console has to offer and bring home the title for oS. We sat down and interviewed each player to get their thoughts on the upcoming event, the prospects of representing Onslaught, and how they think they will fare against the top console players in the world.

We asked each player on the team the following questions, with their responses lightly edited for clarity:


Q: Describe your feelings on representing all PS4 Paladins players in North America and Onslaught at the upcoming Console Wars LAN event. Are you excited? Nervous?

Q: Have you ever competed at a championship LAN event like this before? If so, what was your experience?

Q: Name the teammate(s) you feel are the most likely to make huge, game-changing plays for the team this weekend.

Q: What outside of competing for a world title are you most looking forward to doing in Atlanta?

Allan “OG Comedy” Mejia

For many of the Onslaught players, this is their first LAN event – let alone their first LAN featuring international competition and a massive $50,000 prize pool being played out for thousands of passionate fans. If there were any nerves, none of the console superstars were showing them.

Relative veteran Allan “OG Comedy” Mejia, who previously finished 2nd place as an invitee to the Console Wars LAN event, was looking forward to carrying the banner for the PS4 crowd. Said Mejia, “I am very excited to represent PS4 at LAN again, hopefully we can pull [off] a win this time for PS4 and earn some respect from the rest of the community… I love playing on main stage and bringing the hype!”

For Onslaught’s star DPS player “RitchyJBC” (who’s real name is shrouded in mystery like a true Ninja) the opportunity to showcase his team’s talents and play for Onslaught is a great opportunity to realize not one, but two goals. “I’m most looking forward to meeting my teammates as I’ve been competing with them for a few years now throughout different games, and representing Onslaught has been a goal of mine since my Smite days.” commented Ritchy. A first time LAN attendee, Ritchy is looking forward to a positive experience.

Paladins Console Wars 2018

With so much at stake and so many newcomers to a LAN environment, Onslaught Coach Drew “Swarmso” Tallent has been a steadying influence in the weeks leading up to the event and sees a lot of promise for the young squad. “A big pattern of repeated failures is due to people not listening and assigning blame.” Continued Tallent, “This team has done a great job of maturing, fixing what has not worked, and been coach-able by accepting constructive criticism…I think this team is going to do great.”

Henry “AtomicBoom” Banegas

Ian “HatedOnXbox-” Castro and Joshua “QtNeil” Tuttle both have high praise and high hopes for teammates Comedy and Henry “AtomicBoom” Banegas to bring both the hype and prior experience dealing with the subtleties and pressures of LAN play. Said QtNeil, “Most likely to go off at LAN? Comedy, he is a Hype Lord and if he is hype everyone will be. Especially since Boom and Him (his emphasis) bring LAN experience to the table.” Castro echoed the same sentiments, chiming in that just based on pure talent, Boom and Comedy have massive potential.

Regardless of the outcome, the entire team is honored to represent North America and excited to meet some of the Paladins players they have competed against online so many times. We here at Onslaught are also honored to be able to once again participate in a world championship environment, with one of the most promising Paladins rosters on the planet rocking the orange and blue.

Be sure to tune in May 12-13th on for the live broadcast, and check out the Paladins console team page to follow each player on Twitter and Twitch!