Onslaught Welcomes Jen Dalton, COO

POSTED BY POBrien May 31, 2016 in News
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Back when Onslaught eSports was first being conceptualized by Patrick “Badbeat” O’Brien and James “Revolt” O’Brien, the idea was to create a world-class eSports organization that would foster a strong sense of community in homage to our clan gaming roots. With a focus on developing both a tight-knit gaming family alongside a thriving business (and believing that the two are not mutually exclusive) it is our absolute pleasure to announce the latest addition to the Onslaught family and management team: Jen “OnFleekEasy” Dalton, as our newly created Chief Operating Officer.

For those of you not familiar, Jen is a rising star in the eSports world having quickly risen from a streamer and part-time volunteer to General Manager and finally Co-Owner of Virtue Gaming, now the Roanoke Reign. Under her guidance, Virtue Gaming grew an organic and impressive community of gaming talent, stream personalities, and a legion of dedicated supporters. With her organizational capabilities and expert guidance, Virtue began to establish a foothold in the hyper-competitive eSports world, and truth be told, this ability to foster and grow a supportive community (while doing things the right way, a rarity) is incredibly impressive and had her on Onslaught’s radar for a considerable amount of time. We could not be more thrilled to have such a quality individual joining our management team and bringing her immense talents to help push Onslaught to even greater heights.

In assuming the Chief Operating Officer role, Jen will be responsible for much of the day-to-day operations of the organization, and this position will elevate her into rarefied air as one of the highest-ranking females in North American eSports organizations. As a company that values diversity and inclusion, Jen is the perfect choice to help lead Onslaught into the remainder of 2016 and beyond. And in Jen, our hope is that both the current and next generation of female gamers interested in participating in eSports at all levels will have an incredible role model to look up towards. Interviewed on the subject, Onslaught eSports co-founder and General Manager Patrick O’Brien expounded on this very theme.

“Diversity, and most importantly equal opportunities and treatment in eSports is something that is long overdue. It is no secret that our female gamer friends are sometimes subject to terrible treatment and behavior by masked online perpetrators, but sometimes the stigma of female gamers being only Public Relations, Human Resources, or Stream Managers is just as prevalent and hurtful. We have watched Jen do an excellent job for Virtue over the last year, and we felt that she was the perfect fit for us as our first COO and partner and would make an incredible role-model for anyone, and especially for females looking to work hard and climb the ranks of the eSports management ladders.”

When asked about the opportunity in front of her in joining Onslaught, Jen showed you just why she is the perfect fit to join an organization as well known for winning as for being a tight-knit community.

“The opportunity that Patrick and the rest of Onslaught have given me is one in a million,” said Jen, “and I’m so very excited for this next chapter in my life. The family part was very important to me. With Virtue being so close and knowing how that works and makes you feel – I wanted to know my new home would feel the same. I am so excited to start this journey with such a well-respected and successful organization, and I am honored and thrilled to be part of this adventure.”

Outside of her eSports role, Jen is a professional project manager and brings a wealth of development and organizational chops to our established management team. An avid gamer herself, Jen has an undying love affair with Call of Duty, a passion for building relationships, and a relentless drive to succeed in all aspects in life.

Please join us in welcoming Jen Dalton, Chief Operating Officer to the Onslaught family!