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POSTED BY POBrien March 8, 2018 in Paladins
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Onslaught Esports is pleased to announce a partnership with one of the premier Paladins Global Series (PGS) PC teams in the North American realm – SpiritWorld!

The former SpiritWorld team is widely considered one of the best PGS teams in NA, and features a mix of five players and one dedicated coach/analyst who assists the team in preparation, video analysis, strategy development and player improvement. The teamwork has paid off to date, with SpiritWorld finishing 4th in the most recent PGS phase, 1st and 2nd in two of the most recent ESL GO4 cups, and 2nd place in their first Lions on the Continent event.

Onslaught Paladins Roster:

Captain & Tank/Flex:     Arreytabi “realgoochMob” Etta
DPS:     Taylor “Protection” Cooksey
Support:     Mitchell “BumbleBee” Mavec
Blaster/Flex:     Nelson “FlameFX” Simmons
Tank:     Anthony “TooHighSamurai” Zaraki
Coach/Analyst/Sub:     Michael “Beenie12k” Biringer
For a full roster and background on each member of the team, please check out our Paladins roster page.

Unfamiliar with Paladins? You are quickly becoming one of the few who have not experienced developer Hi-Rez’s latest esports title. A seasoned developer, Hi-Rez is also the brains behind the MOBA title Smite and its thriving competitive platform. Per the official Paladins Wiki, the game is described as a “first-person shooter video game…rooted in a colorful sci-fi fantasy setting featuring Champions, playable characters that have their own unique fire-function and skills. Combat in Paladins is also nearly entirely skillshot-based, meaning projectiles can be dodged. Although each champion has their own personality and abilities, to get around Paladins’ maps, the real character variation comes from the Cards and Item Systems that augments a champion in different ways.”

Paladins Esports Broadcast Schedule (courtesy of Paladins World)

Paladins has existed in closed beta form since late 2015, and officially launched as open beta in September 2016. Consoles versions launched on both platforms in 2017, and the unique mixture of skill-based hero shooter and MOBA style card abilities has attracted a growing player base to the Hi Rez title. The Paladins scene stretches worldwide, and consists of both a dedicated, closed ecosystem professional league called the Paladins Premier League, (PPL for those of you scoring at home) the open competition of the Paladins Global Series (PGS) and even an exclusive console only division for both PS4 and Xbox One. Simply put, Paladins is growing everywhere…and to great fanfare.

Admittedly, Paladins is an interesting title for Onslaught to become involved in. While we typically try to strive for top level professional teams in a traditional promotion/relegation Pro League setting, with Paladins the closed nature of the PPL ultimately prevents Onslaught from directly fielding a Premier League team – save for accepting an unlikely invitation into WESA itself.

Hi-Rez has another hit on their hands in Paladins

However, we believe there exists an opportunity to put our proven track record of recognizing and grooming talent to work to help the SpiritWorld players achieve their lifelong dream of playing video games professionally. Better yet, the Paladins Global Series is nothing to scoff at – the competition is fierce, the gameplay is professionally cast and broadcast weekly directly on Facebook, and some of the greatest players (and plays, see below!) in the world are found among the PGS ranks. As an organization that understands the value of loyalty and has a history of involvement in Hi-Rez titles, committing to a talent corp of players in the former SpiritWorld gang just made sense.

So join us in welcoming the entire team to Onslaught, and be sure to check out the team’s lineup and follow each player on Twitter and Twitch. Paladins is an exciting game to watch and learn, and having one of the best teams in North America representing our brand is an exciting way to kick off 2018!


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