Onslaught Signs Professional Smite Team

POSTED BY POBrien September 11, 2015 in Smite
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Super excited to announce the latest edition to our stable of dynamic teams – after weeks of research, courtship, and sometimes outright bribery (those custom Onslaught Cinch controllers came in clutch!!) we’re SUPER happy to announce that the lads formerly known as Jumping Is Useless are joining Onslaught to represent us as our official team for Xbox Smite for MLG New Orleans, the MLG Pro League, and hopefully the Smite World Championships!

This represents a huge step forward for your boys on oS – Smite is a relatively new Xbox title, but the potential is huge. An insanely fun game, and even better to watch, acquiring the talented JUI team is a giant coup for Onslaught – these guys are one of the top Smite console teams in the world, and are about to get even better with those new Cinch controllers and prettier with some certifiably badass Onslaught jerseys.

So check out the new team on the official roster page, say hello and drop a follow to the team on Twitter, and welcome the newest edition to the oS Family!