Onslaught Secures First Professional Rainbow Six Team

POSTED BY POBrien March 3, 2016 in Rainbow Six
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Onslaught eSports has taken another step in our organization’s ascent today as we are happy to announce that we have brought in ESL Pro League qualifier “Pinnacle” to represent us for the inaugural season of the Rainbow Six Pro League.

With a worldwide prize pool of $100,000, Onslaught joins 7 other North American teams vying for the title of the world’s best Rainbow Six team on the Xbox One console.

Please join us in welcoming the squad to the Onslaught stable of teams, and get ready to cheer them on as they battle it out for the next few months to be crowned Season 1 Champs!

Alex “Reflect” Aguilar
Jacob “PoTionsz” Barnes
Tony “Sleep Terror” Herrera
Matthew “GodRamee” Sender
Andrew “Anjrue” Bonner
Derek “d DIRTY d” Vymislicky
Nathan “d0ugl4s3” Douglas

For more information on the ESL Rainbow Six Pro League, please visit the Rainbow Six Facebook page and catch the streamed matches kicking off Friday, March 4th on Twitch.tv/Rainbow6.