Onslaught Reloads for Season 3 of Rainbow Six

POSTED BY POBrien June 25, 2016 in Rainbow Six
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Onslaught is happy to announce our continued involvement in Rainbow Six: Siege with the acquisition of another talented roster of former Season 1 professionals and top players. With our prior Season 1 ESL pro team pursuing other options after falling in the Season 2 Relegation tournament, being able to secure a replacement team became a top priority. Onslaught is proud to welcome Alex “Low” Lowery, Cody “Animaul” Cocco, Josh “Shake” Quinn, Justin “Godlike” Talarchek, and Jonathan “Matrix” Virgin to the family of professional competitive teams, and is excited for the upcoming Season 3 qualifiers. You can check out each player’s biographies on our website, and please join us in welcoming the team to Onslaught!