Onslaught Rainbow Six Wins ESL Challenger & Major League Titles

POSTED BY POBrien August 11, 2017 in Rainbow Six
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Onslaught is proud to announce another major accomplishment for our Rainbow Six program – not just one, but TWO championships in the same ESL Rainbow Six season!

Congratulations to the Onslaught Rainbow Six Challenger League team of Justin “dalycan” Woods, Marcus “Talon” Lynn, Giuliano “Krazy” Solon, ,Ryan “P3NG1N Knierim, and Dylan “Bosco” Bosco for their championship win over Core Impact and incredible undefeated run through Challenger League playoffs!

Not to be outdone, Onslaught’s RB6 Major League team quickly followed suit and kept oS mastery alive in Rainbow Six with a 2-0 victory over Xecution Esports, extending their season-long dominance of the Xbox One console through the championship game. Congratulations to the Xbox One team of Mateo “Holi” Estrada, Matthew “zzsv” Legg, Alex “OP” Moran, Carlos “Florida” Stockwell, Frank “Tipy” Page and Jessi “Triple” James for this amazing achievement!

Be sure to catch all the upcoming Onslaught Rainbow Six action for Season 3 of Major and Challenger League as both teams look to repeat as champions!