Onslaught COD Continues Hot Streak

POSTED BY POBrien September 13, 2015 in Call of Duty
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Coming off the heels of a significant roster change with four brand-new players, nobody expected Onslaught to remain relevant, let alone continue its recent streak of dominance. And boy, were the “experts” ever wrong.

Proving that Onslaught can build a roster, the new team of Chawn, Murica, TipToe and Proto stunned everyone at the MES Cinch $20k to place inside the Top 10, fighting through the hardest portion of the bracket. After a final map loss to 3sUP in the winner’s round, Onslaught battled through the lower bracket, dispatching numerous top teams including Vexx in a thrilling series before finally losing last map to Vanquish in loser’s semifinals on day 2. After months of turbulent waters, oS had done what we were quickly becoming known to do – field top-level teams and defend our home turf.

MES $20k

Fresh off the Top 10 placing at MES, Onslaught traveled south to Indianapolis with Chawn and Murica teaming with Exib and Eleiviate in June for eBash. With a quick first round loss to the reigning eBash champs, Onslaught again showed it’s mettle by slaying it’s way through the lower bracket, finally earning a rematch against Wolf and Co. After a hot start, the long day and good competition proved too much, and oS ultimately settled for a 2nd place finish and a continuation of the momentum that had been building.

After much online success, including winning back-to-back MLG 1k Am events and a 250 series with their new 4th member Proodian, Onslaught showed up to the MES Detroit $25k tournament both heavily-supported and highly-doubted. Tasked again with the most difficult bracket possible, with a 2nd round match up with Vanquish and potential matches with Envy, XGN, and Tactical Turtles looming, Onslaught took a beating against a red-hot Vanquish squad and found itself staring down the barrels of an early elimination. But with their backs against the wall, the boys from oS played flawlessly, running through their first lower-bracket challengers before knocking out top-am teams Relapsed, G4G, and finally Vexx in route to an epic match up with 3/4 of the former Onslaught squad now playing for Tactical Turtles. After a series of close games that ultimately went in favor of TT, Onslaught rounded out the weekend with an extremely impressive Top 8 showing, proving once again that betting against Onslaught usually doesn’t work out in your favor.