Onslaught 2015: Year in Review

POSTED BY POBrien December 31, 2015 in News
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2015 was the year Onslaught eSports burst into the competitive scene, pardon the pun, guns blazing. While we have existed in some form since 2007, the foundation for success that we had slowly been building and grooming finally paid amazing dividends as we wound down 2014 and entered the first few months of the new year.

Beginning with a special win at the 1st MES Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare event in November 2014, we knew we were onto something. That win was vindicating after so many close finishes at prior MES events for Ghosts, and special for us as Revolt (who many of you know as the co-owner and designer extraordinaire) was a part of that team. After a brief stumble at the first major of the year, MLG Columbus with a different roster, early 2015 saw consecutive wins at Gamers for Giving (with a record 22-straight map win streak) and our coming out party, the win at the MES $10k.

Any reflection of 2015 would not be complete without mention of that team’s decision to leave for the glitz and glamour of the E6 brand and their amazing T3 finish at UMG California. However, in what was perhaps our proudest moment, we regrouped with a new roster and had an against-all-odds T10 finish at the Cinch $20k. That same core group would go on to a T8 finish at the MES Detroit $25k, and complete one of the all-time grinds and qualify for pool play for UMG DC – facing Optic Gaming on mainstage for the first match, any gamers dream.

Outside of COD, Onslaught expanded our reign into the MOBA world, signing a top-quality console Smite team. A completely CRAZY finish during the MLG New Orleans Pro League qualifier vs. Vexx (possibly the eSports moment of the year) had Onslaught with its first official professional team – and one of the first ever professional console Smite teams to exist.

Not satisfied to stop there, we then expanded into the emerging Gears of War scene, snapping up an uber-talented, but overlooked squad – the perfect underdog team to represent our brand. 14 Pro League matches against names like EnvyUs, Denial, Elevate, Vexx and NME later, and our T4 team had qualified for the Season 1 finals in Burbank, CA and a chance to win a share of a $50,000 prize pool.

2015, in summary, was clearly very good to us. We had amazing triumphs, developed and befriended some amazing talent, and grew into a multi-platform, internationally recognized company. Not bad for a couple brothers who used to just enjoy “Makin’ em Quit”.

But for as good as 2015 was, 2016 is shaping up to be even better. With returning teams in multiple professional leagues, the return of Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz and Kelsey “Exib” to the Call of Duty team, and expansion plans for CS:GO, Halo, Rocket League and more, the Onslaught is set to continue well into 2016. So come say hi, drop us a follow, and prepare to witness an extraordinary next 365 days.

Happy New Year!