Official Statement on Arakune Suspension, Termination & Battlerite Roster Releases

POSTED BY POBrien June 8, 2017 in Battlerite
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Update: June 15th, 2017

Onslaught eSports has officially released both Alvin “Ninjas” Xu and Connor “Averse” Shacklady from their contractual obligations with our company.

Despite both players initially being involved in the decision-making process and supportive of the suspension, subsequent termination, and eventual replacement of Dominic “Arakune” Valentino with Averse’s former teammate Stro, after the 2-1 loss in last weeks Pro Rivalry League’s Rivals Cup both players backtracked, indicating they now preferred from a competitive standpoint to remain teaming with Arakune. In addition to his recent inflammatory comments both towards others and towards them, this decision was made with full knowledge of a possible suspension from all competitive play looming over Arakune. Despite both players having remaining life left on their contracts, Onslaught has granted both players early termination to pursue teaming with Arakune as desired.

As stated earlier and evidenced with our termination of Arakune’s contract, we do not condone nor support his behavior and rhetoric and would not under any circumstances entertain bringing him back to the team. Despite his immense talent, Arakune had repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect and decency towards others, both in Battlerite and in other titles such as League of Legends. While he did make legitimate progress at times, change is not something that happens without commitment, and that commitment never materialized in the manner that is required for someone to represent the Onslaught name.

While we may not be supportive of their decision, out of respect for the wishes of Averse and Ninjas we have decided the best path forward is to release both to pursue their own agenda. We believe that Battlerite has a strong future as an esports title, and it has also never been Onslaught’s position to hold players in legal limbo or contractual “jail” – it’s just not who we are. And while we strongly disagree with the decision itself and believe it sets a unrealistically low bar for tolerated behavior, Averse and Ninjas have themselves been model Onslaught competitors until now, and we wish them the best moving forward.

At this time, Onslaught will be ceasing all involvement with Battlerite as an esports title.

– Onslaught Management


Update: June 9th, 2017

Onslaught eSports has officially released Arakune from our Battlerite roster.

Despite the initial agreement between all parties regarding the suspension, Dominic’s attitude and behavior continued to display elements of insubordination and casual disregard for the seriousness of the situation. This general lack of remorse for his actions, combined with inflammatory internal communication, was the final determining factor that precipitated his full release.

While we had hoped to continue to assist Dominic in his development as a player and person, it became clear that Dominic was not fully committed to these ideals. As such, effective immediately, Arakune is no longer affiliated with Onslaught eSports or our Battlerite team, and Stro will permanently assume his position on North America’s #1 team.

– Onslaught Management


June 5th, 2017

Onslaught Battlerite player Dominic “Arakune” Valentino (also known as ReapWhatUSow in Battlerite) has been suspended indefinitely from participating in any further Battlerite competitions for Onslaught, effective June 5, 2017.

This suspension results from a breach in acceptable communication and behavior on the part of Arakune. While Dominic has made strides with regards to his communication over the past few months since working with our staff, this latest transgression is not behavior that is supported by Onslaught or its corporate partners.

Arakune to his credit has acknowledged his mistake and is continuing to take the necessary steps to recognize his harmful behavior and correct it. Because Onslaught remains committed to Dominic’s long-term growth as a player and due in part to his recent progress in meeting those goals, we feel that a suspension is more warranted than an outright contractual termination at this time.

– Onslaught Management