Onslaught Rocket League Impresses at Dreamhack, Universal Open

POSTED BY POBrien August 8, 2017 in Rocket League
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Onslaught’s dynamic Rocket League team is again making waves, notching an impressive 13th place showing at Dreamhack Atlanta followed by taking 3rd place in the Northeast Regional qualifier at SNY Studios in New York City for the much-hyped Universal Open $100,000 2v2 tournament presented by NBC and Faceit.

Dreamhack Atlanta Recap

At Dreamhack, Onslaught entered the largest LAN competition to date outside of RLCS as one of the more unheralded teams in the field, mainly due to the impressive collection of talent that had assembled. Boasting nearly all of the top North American teams and a few even from the European region, competition was set to be fierce as each squad needed to battle through a round-robin Group stage to advance to the tournament’s 2nd day and a shot at the $50,000 prize pool. With reigning X-Games champs NRG in the same starting Group, Onslaught had it’s work cut out.

Thanks in part to our deep roots in competitive Rocket League, Onslaught was chosen to kick off the tournament’s broadcast against “Brace for Impact” in a pivotal match – with only 3 teams in the Group pod including the mega-talented NRG, a loss would almost certainly doom the loser to miss qualifying for Day 2. True to form, Onslaught came out hot and dispatched BFI behind the play of the keyboard legend himself “AlecStorm8” DeSantiago, RLCS dab-machine Shawn “RVP” Schrotenboer, and Onslaught’s RLCS Season 1 alumni Hunter “Huskih” Farren, advancing to face-off with NRG. Check out the VOD of the match below:


After an incredible tight Game 1 loss in the final seconds to NRG, the lack of previous play time with Huskih (a fill-in for Alaindodger who was traveling in Europe) began to show and NRG ultimately prevailed in the 2-0 series sweep. Following the NRG match up, Onslaught rebounded to once again top BFI in a closer than expected series, 2-1, and finally punch their ticket to the second Group elimination stage with some of the best teams in the world. VOD of the match up with NRG is linked below:


Somewhat to be expected, Day 2 would prove to be brutally tough with a stacked bracket including one of Europe’s best in Gale Force Esports and the soon-to-be Cloud9 roster both in the same starting Group. After a clinical 3-0 loss at the hands of Gale Force, Onslaught rallied hard to extend their Dreamhack stay by taking a 2-0 series lead before falling to a reverse sweep at the hands of Myth Gaming 3-2, ultimately finishing a still very impressive 13th place overall. Congrats to AlecStorm8, RVP, and a big thanks to Huskih for filling in like a champ!

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NBC Universal Open $100,000 2v2 Recap


The end of July saw AlecStorm8 and former Ambition player Peter “Pepiope” Montanez follow up excellent individual Dreamhack performances by teaming for the super-hyped NBC Universal Open $100,000 2v2 tournament. In a crowded regional qualifier for the New York region, Alec and Pepiope with almost no practice time together made an incredible run, finishing 2nd overall only to the powerful Cloud9 roster. With their ticket punched to SNY Studios in New York City for the Regional Qualifier as one of the top eight teams, Onslaught’s torrid Rocket League run was set to really rev up to supersonic speeds.

Playing on stream in Grand Finals for thousands of people is nice, but the experience of being invited to a famed television broadcast studio to be interviewed, streamed and broadcast to a national audience on NBC is a pretty amazing experience. Better still – performing masterfully in your first match up, winning decisively 2-0 and looking amazing to boot thanks to (shameless plug) beautiful Onslaught apparel from Sector Six. You can watch the replay of that match up below:


Almost as if it was scripted, the 2-0 win over AVN set up Onslaught and Pepiope for an epic showdown with his former teammates from Ambition: PrimeThunder and Wonder. A 6-4 Game 1 win and a 2-goal lead with under 40 seconds left in Game 2 had the oS duo feeling pretty confident, but a late comeback and zero-second goal by Ambition turned the tides and quickly cascaded into a 3-1 series win for Ambition as their team chemistry paid off. Even with falling just short of qualifying for the Grand Finals in California, the incredible performance of the weekend was thrilling to watch and an honor to participate in for both players. With RLCS Season 4 qualifiers just around the corner, the future looks incredibly bright for Onslaught Rocket League!


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