COD: MES 10k Recap

POSTED BY POBrien January 31, 2016 in Call of Duty
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Onslaught came into the first MES event for Black Ops 3 with a lofty goal – to become one of the first teams in the history of Call of Duty to win titles for the same game, but on different consoles. With the competitive COD scene being fractured in its current state between two differing age groups and two different consoles, this was a golden opportunity to cement our early-season status as a top-tier team.

Consider that game, set, match.

Getting there however proved to be anything but easy. Despite the incredibly arduous task of grinding out series after series, sometimes with no breaks in between, MRuiz, Chawn, Exib and Murica managed to sweep the Xbox One division without dropping a map, and battled in an crazy-intense, back-and-forth TRIPLE elimination series with Most Wanted to claim the PS4 title early Monday morning.

The final series alone with Most Wanted stretched for over 5 hours, as MW came out hot and took a convincing 2-0 series lead by winning the first 2 best of 5 series. In a pivotal moment, MRuiz rallied the team and implored everyone to utilize the strengths that had gotten us to the finals in the first place – talent, communication, and better teamwork, and his pep talk paid off as we slowly turned the tide, breaking MW’s momentum and finally snapping their willpower in the 4th and final series.

Historically, this dual-console title is something to celebrate. But the resolve that the team showed to battle back against an almost insurmountable deficit is something that we are even more proud of, and something that the individual players will hopefully use to springboard to even greater successes in 2016.

Onslaught will be defending our MES title February 19-21 back in Farmington, MI. We hope to see you all there!