Onslaught: 2017 Retrospect, 2018 Plans

POSTED BY POBrien January 3, 2018 in News
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2017 was an incredible year for Onslaught. From expanding our legacy in Rainbow Six:Siege and Rocket League to continuing to be an industry leader and major player in emerging titles, Onslaught put its stamp on the North American esports landscape. Some of the highlights:

Following up the success of our World Finals console Rainbow Six team in late 2016, Onslaught’s expansion into PC Siege continued our championship tradition and resulted in impressive back-to-back Challenger League titles and a long-awaited return invitation back into Pro League. Even our console team got into the mix, winning a Major League championship in dominant fashion. And finally, no mention of Onslaught R6 would be complete without touching on one of the smallest, but coolest aspects of our 2017 – the great honor of having our name and logo forever intertwined with the game as we were awarded a coveted “Pro League charm” for fans and supporters to purchase and use to bling out their weapons. 30+ years ago when video games were merely in their infancy, the thought of being “in” a video game was both insane and insanely cool. To have that dream realized is an absolutely amazing feeling.

Onslaught R6 Charm

We also saw some incredible success in another keystone title for us, Rocket League. Onslaught has a long history in the game stretching back all the way to the first season of RLCS, and has supported many different players and grassroots organizations as the game has continued its incredible growth. Summer 2017, we watched as a team made up of current and alumni players crashed the world’s elite at Dreamhack Atlanta 2017, coming in 13th and putting on a show in the opening stream match for the event. Just a few weeks later in July, Onslaught’s Alecstorm8 teamed with Peter “Pepiope” Montanez to qualify for the NBC Universal Open 2v2 $100,000 event broadcast from SNY Studios in New York City, falling only to the powerful Cloud9 roster. At the event itself, a slickly produced affair that possibly signals future major television involvement, Onslaught dispatched team AVN before falling in an epic showdown with Pepiope’s two other teammates Wonder and PrimeThunder.

Any discussion of 2017 would not be complete without a mention of a major personal achievement for our Chief Operating Officer, Jen Dalton in the acquisition of her prior esports home, the Roanoke Reign. Reign (formerly operating under the name Virtue Gaming) was the beginning of Jen’s esports journey, and Onslaught’s acquisition of the company in midsummer provided both a homecoming of sorts and the chance to reflect on personal growth and progress for Onslaught’s management team.

Another tradition that we here at Onslaught are proud to hang our hats on is how over the years we have proven time and again that we can recognize the big upcoming esports titles before they explode onto the scene. We’ve done it with Rainbow Six and Rocket League, and the newest addition to that list is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Towards the end of 2017, we partnered with one of North America’s finest teams in the emerging genre, a team that had consistently proven to be among the top 20 teams in the NA scene. Our faith was rewarded both in terms of multiple PUBGOnline Showdown Series seasons, and a 1st place finish at Dreamhack Denver 2017.

As we turn the corner into 2018, the esports landscape seems to have accelerated into overdrive. We have $20 million franchise spots being sold to NFL and MLB ownership groups for Overwatch, which as a possibility would have been laughed out of the room a mere 24 months ago. In addition, non-endemic companies are finally beginning to see the immense opportunity that competitive video games have to offer – but what does this mean for Onslaught? In short, that the opportunity is out there. We have always been proud of setting the standard when it comes to integrity and player-organization relationships, and despite massive spending disadvantages we have always maintained the ability to “punch-up” so to speak – to compete with some of the biggest names, on the biggest stage, no matter the playing field. For 2018, we are excited by the prospects of a few up-and-coming titles, and have some big plans in the works. Our team works relentlessly to continue our tradition of success, and 2018 will be no exception.

So thank you to everyone who has supported Onslaught and our many players and teams in 2017, and buckle up for the upcoming year – esports and Onslaught have never been hotter!

Patrick “Badbeat” O’Brien
CEO, Onslaught Esports